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The Montessori Method of Education

If you wish to further your knowledge of the Montessori Method of learning, the following is a partial list of Montessori related publications available in libraries and/or bookstores.

Dr. Maria Montessori:
The Montessori Method
Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook, Vol.I & II
The Absorbent Mind
To Educate the Human Potential
Secret of Childhood
Pedagogical Anthropology

E. Mortimer Standing:
The Montessori Method, A Revolution in Education
Maria Montessori – Her Life and Her Work

Dr. Claude Claremont:
Intelligence and Mental Growth
The Chemistry of Thought

Nancy McCormick Rambusch:
Learning How to Learn, An American Approach to Montessori

R. C. Orem:
A Montessori Handbook