School Policies

Pre-K 3 Classroom

School Policies

Parent Handbook

School Phase-In

The new student phase-in is a very important step for the child who is first entering Montessori. The returning students will spend a week at the school first and the new students will phase-in over a period of one week. This is optimal way to introduce new students to the Montessori concepts and environment.

Things to Keep in Mind

This provides a further explanation of your child’s day, including lunch, snack and backpack policies.


Child Pick-Up Authorization Form

Student security is very important to us at MLC. This form will list the individuals we may release your child to on a regular basis. If circumstances warrant, an individual not listed on the authorization form may pick-up the child with prior notification from an authorized individual.

Authorization for Emergency Medical Care

This form provides medical information for your child in the case of emergency.

Authorization for Field Trip Attendance

Throughout the year the school may have field trips to enhance the students learning experiences through hands-on learning outside of the school environment. This form gives permission for your child to attend any field trips we may have.

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