Board of Directors

Montessori Learning Center is a non-profit corporation consisting of all parents whose children are enrolled in the school, and it is administered by a Board of Directors. The school has always relied heavily on parental involvement. Parental involvement is a must for our school to reach its goal of providing quality education. All members of the school are urged to participate by attending board meetings, voting on decisions affecting the school, running for office, agreeing to serve on a committee, or helping with fund-raisers for the school.

There are nine (9) members of the Board of Directors consisting of the four (4) elected officers and five (5) members-at-large and the previous year’s president. They are elected for two (2) year terms. 

McKenzie Smith

 Vice President

Mary Catherine Cotton


Neil Hoy


Lylee Dodson


Stephen Arrowsmith

Jenny Bell

Jenna Burger

Scott Calato

Amanda Wiley

School Director

Stacey Izer


The Board holds meetings several times a year at their discretion, and parents are invited to attend and learn about the structure of the school. Two General Meetings are held on the dates listed in the school calendar. It is mandatory that at least one (1) parent attend these meetings. Childcare will not be provided at these meetings, so please make other arrangements for your children.